Local clubs

There are local Esperanto clubs in a number of cities in Canada, including Calgary, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, and Victoria. A complete list is found here.

Several Esperanto Associations have an online Esperanto bookstore (payment by credit card) :

Bookstore of the Esperanto League for North America (U.S.A.)
Online bookstore of the Esperanto League of Flanders (Belgium)
Online bookstore of the World Esperanto Association (in Esperanto)

Esperanto Courses

Online introduction to Esperanto hosts a short introductory course to Esperanto. To visit the course webpage, click here.

Free 12-lesson postal course

The 12-lesson course is an excellent introduction to the Esperanto language. Each lesson is returned with corrections, helpful remarks and answers to the learner's questions along with the next lesson. There is no obligation to finish, and the only cost is the price of a legal-sized Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope required for each lesson. Learn at your own rate with the friendly help of your own personal tutor. Get started today by sending your SASE to:

Kim Keeble
1000 Micmac Blvd., #608
Dartmouth, NS
B3A 4M7


There are also several good free online courses at