Executive of The Canadian Esperanto Association

Canadian Esperanto Association

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The directors for 2018–2019 are:

  • President: Paul Hopkins — Victoria BC
  • Vice president: Geoffrey Greatrex — Ottawa ON
  • Treasurer: Raymond Brisebois — London ON
  • Secretary: Andrew (Andreo) Sly — Victoria BC
  • Editor: Camille (Kamila) Koziej Lévesque — Saguenay QC
  • Director: Yevgeniya (Ĵenja) Zvereva Amis — Montreal QC
  • Director: Bob Williamson — Halifax NS
  • Director: Jed Meltzer — Toronto ON
  • Director: Ardeo Mann — Victoria BC

Eight members announced their candidacy, or accepted nominations by other members, before the deadline (August 31, 2015). According to the constitution of the CEA the minimum number of directors is 5 and the maximum number is 11. If there were more than 11 candidates we would have had to conduct a ballot to elect 11 of them. Since there were fewer than 11, a ballot was not necessary. The directors for 2014–2015 that know them believe that each one of them is fit to be a director and capable of wisely leading the association during the current two-year term.