What does KEA do?

Canadian Esperanto Association

What does KEA do? logo of The Canadian Esperanto Association

  • Education

  • KEA has several educational programs in support of the learning of Esperanto. Chief among these is the administration of the free ten-lesson correspondence course, which has enabled thousands of people to gain a basic knowledge of Esperanto.

    Through its administration of the Canadian Esperanto Foundation, KEA also supports the educational activities of local and regional Esperanto organizations in Canada.

  • Member list

  • KEA produces and sends out an annual member list to all of its members.

  • Publications in Esperanto

  • Lumo has been published regularly since 1956, and has been published semiannually since 2000. It includes announcements about the activities of the association and the Esperanto movement in and outside of Canada, book reviews, and articles on a variety of topics.

    Books: KEA also publishes books from time to time.

  • Information services

  • KEA acts as the central information coordinator for Esperanto in Canada, making sure that information about Esperanto is available to all who request it. This is done, whenever possible, in cooperation with the local Esperanto groups.

  • International representation

  • KEA is the Canadian affiliate of the World Esperanto Association (UEA), and thus all members of KEA are associate members of UEA. As such, they are entitled to use the services of UEA, particularly its network of delegates. To identify themselves in dealing with UEA delegates, our members receive both an UEA membership card and UEA membership stickers to attach to letters sent to UEA delegates. Members of KEA also have a voice in the decisions of UEA through a Canadian representative in the UEA executive, which meets each year during the Universal Congress of Esperanto.