Esperanto-Rondo de Otavo

Welcome to the webpage of the Esperanto Circle of Ottawa (ERO).

The Esperanto Circle of Ottawa meets two times each month. Our official meeting-places are the Bridgehead café and the University of Ottawa, with the exception of our yearly Zamenhof celebration. (More information can be found in our club calendar.)

During our meetings, we aim simply to chat freely and to inspire active discussions concerning a wide range of topics by using the International Language, Esperanto. During our meetings at the café, we mainly just talk and enjoy our coffee, while at the University we tend to deal with affairs relevant to the Circle itself or listen to a more formal (but nevertheless, interesting!) presentation. Those who have already mastered the language are welcome to come just to enjoy the good company, while both people who are new to the language and those with an emerging sense of competency are invited to come to experience immersion into an Esperanto-speaking atmosphere. In any case, we'd like to welcome you to the 'Esperanto side' of Ottawa.

If you have any questions about our club, please contact Mr. Yves Bellefeuille by email ( or phone (613-996-8216).